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First picture by Deborah

Finally, here are the pictures I shot at the BURBERRY PRORSUM show last Monday, aren’t they just lovely?
As you know, I am a HUGE Christopher Bailey fan, not to mention a Burberry worshipper, so being invited to the show for the second time was a big, or more like HUGE highlight for me.

To be completely honest, I liked last seasons collection more, just because of the “Rock n’ Roll” vibe it had, but this collection had few pieces I could definitely see myself wearing (If only I could afford them ;).
I don’t know how many of you watched the LiveStream, but the Burberry show has an amazing vibe to it, at least I feel it while I am there. I was surrounded by a massive amount of photographers, celebrities, big shot editors and it all becomes more like a big hollywood premier than a fashion show, then I entered the tend and all of the sudden it hits me, I am at the burberry show again and I am about to watch it live for the second time, its just so amazing, I cant even explain how happy it makes me feel… 

There was few pieces I wasn’t very fond of, like the plaid coats, but there were also few bright colored trench coats which I fell in love with.

What did you think? Did you like it?



While I was in NY last week, I did a small shoot with the amazing store in SoHo “What goes around comes around”. They have the most amazing pieces, not to mention they are now designing their own line of “vintage inspired” clothes.

I arrived to their store in SoHo and spend a bit of my afternoon styling some of their pieces, shot 4 different looks and had a blast going through their vintage CHANEL jewelry and gorgeous dresses and coats.

Going through the pics made me miss NYC even more, I cant wait to be back!



Here are some new purchases during my stay in London:

1. Trench coat with leather sleeves  (I am pretty much obsessed with it right now)
2.The most awesome pair of Burgundy shoes (so not me, but I thought it was worth it to try with different styles)
3. An awesome gold belt to replace my Moschino belt in some outfits :P
4. A shoulder-less mint green sweatshirt
5. A skirt I have been looking for since last September and I finally found in the last-chance-to-buy rack! :D
6. A gorgeous gold cuff.