Before I left to Argentina, I shot this super duper quick video to show you my latest DIY. I have wanted a tassel necklace for a few weeks and making it took me literally less than a minute. I hope you like it!

Antes de irme a Argentina, grabe un video rapidísimo para enseñarles mi mas reciente projecto de “Hazlo tu misma”. Ya llevaba semanas queriendo un collar así y lo mejor del caso es que me tarte literalmente 1 minuto haciendolo. ¡Espero que les guste!


Guess what? You can follow StyleScrapbook on Pinterest now HERE :) ( I am under the name of Astylescrapbook because for whatever reason,somebody else had taken stylescrapbook already :-/ ) … I Will be pinning a bunch of pics from my trip around Latin America so stay tuned ♥


No, this isn’t a tourism post about Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. It has been a long time coming and I have been dying to reveal this news to you. Some of you have already read it on my Twitter or Facebook last week but I never made an official announcement on the blog and it makes me extremely happy to announce that I am traveling to Latin America for the next 2 months to shoot my first Television Show! In fact, I am flying to Buenos Aires right now where this whole adventure will start, so see you in Buenos Aires, Colombia and Mexico!!! :D

No, este no es un post turistico sobre Argentina, Colombia y Mexico. Tengo tanto tiempo de querer revelar esta noticia, algunos de ustedes ya lo leyeron en mi Facebook o en mi twitter pero no lo había anunciado oficialmente en el blog hasta ahora y me da tanta alegría compartir con ustedes que voy a  viajar a America Latina por 2 meses a grabar un programa de Televisión. De hecho, mi vuelo a Buenos Aires sale en unos minutos donde empieza toda esta aventura, ¡¡¡Nos vemos en Argentina, Colombia y Mexico!!! 


Extreme Fun times in NYC where I got to party with a lot of my friends who are normally spread around the world, so its amazing having opportunities like these to get together…I LOVE Fashiolista‘s parties, specially the New York editions. Picture a really small Barber Shop in the middle of the East Village but once you get into a back door, you get to this amazing secret little bar with -may I add- Super hot bartenders! ;)…This was yet again another amazing party so HUGE thanks to my friends over at Fashiolista and for having me! ♥

P.S- You can check the rest of the party photos HERE.