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YESSSSS!!! My very first time in Las Vegas and even though I thought I wasn’t going to like it, gosh, I FREAKING LOVED IT!!!
We just got here (on the blog that is) and I still have so much to show you so lets start with this.



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ARIZONA VISUAL DIARY Sun, 21 Dec 2014 11:17:58 +0000 […]]]> IMG_4785 IMG_4757IMG_4765 IMG_4760 IMG_4791 IMG_4776 IMG_4795 IMG_4800 IMG_4819 IMG_4829 STSC9052 IMG_4835 IMG_4882 IMG_4896 IMG_4898 IMG_4886 IMG_4830 IMG_4899 IMG_4925 IMG_4952 STSC8901 STSC8615 STSC8602 IMG_4954 STSC8626 IMG_4961
Because when we aren’t shooting for the blog, I am always trying to capture the experience with my phone, even though I have to confess that I tried using my phone as little as possible during this road trip.
I love shooting editorial content to share with you guys but I also love sharing my bits of more candid experiences. Thats why I am doing a mobile visual diary from every single one of my stops during this trip, so every photo makes the cut, even the ones who didn’t end up on Instagram…



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MEADOWS Sat, 20 Dec 2014 10:38:38 +0000 […]]]> STSC8706 STSC8548STSC8626 STSC8545 STSC8572 STSC8581 STSC8602 STSC8604 STSC8615 STSC8759 STSC8866

I fear sounding repetitive when I say that every single spot on this road trip has been incredibly stunning but the truth is, they all have been, in different ways. When we drove into Arizona I imagined a completely different landscape, for some stupid reason I had this cliche idea that it would be very arid, surrounded by copper coloured mountains, you know, those photos you find on google when you search Arizona. It was so much more than that though!,so rich in vegetation, so incredibly beautiful. Just after we spent hours trying to shoot at the Grand Canyon, we drove into the small town of Flagstaff Arizona. I can’t remember how long it took, maybe around an hour and a half but what we saw on the road there was absolutely incredible! Endless meadows with tall yellow grass, fog covered mountains, just beauty all around. We parked on the side of the road and sat there for a while, just looking at the view, it was absolutely breathtaking…Running around those meadows is one of the moments I will dearly miss and probably never forget.


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HOT WINTER Thu, 18 Dec 2014 07:20:05 +0000 […]]]> H1 H6H8H2 H5 H3 H4LINGERIE  >>  Hunkemoller’s Christmas Collection 

I am kind of hooked with lingerie for the past year which I find very ironic, considering I never used to pay attention to it before. I would probably wear mismatched lingerie all the time and end up with thinking: “Did I seriously dress in the dark?!”. Now I have completely been converted, its not even for the sexy factor of the actual lingerie being “seen”, but knowing you are wearing really beautiful lingerie underneath is a very empowering thought and yeah, sexy too, why not.

How do you feel about lingerie? Do you pay attention to it or do you also get dressed in the dark? :P


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