HELLO EVERYONE!!! Sorry for the wait and I KNOW that this has been one of my most FAQ on Instagram in recent years, but even though I love sharing, it was still a bit of a catch 22 to spill all my secrets. The reason being that I still want to be able to find good stuff whenever I go vintage shopping and I guess if I shout to the world where I buy all the good stuff, then it will be harder to actually find the good stuff (you know what I mean). This is how much I love you guys though, so fine, I’ll share all my secrets because sharing is caring.

I go to different stores for different things and I just want to share for full disclosure that this is a list of the places I GO TO, so I am not saying these are the best vintage stores in Amsterdam. I know that there are a few others which I never go to, just because of the style of things they sell is not my thing. In short, this is a personalised list of sorts, so if your style is similar to mine, then this is your list, but if you are more into 40’s, 50’s vintage, you might have to research a little further.