I have been pretty anxious and a little stressed these days, I am not gonna lie. The uncertainty of what’s happening is quite overwhelming and it’s been messing with my inner peace a little…I am trying o keep myself calmed and centred with some yoga and meditation but I feel like I needed an extra push, which is why I decided to make this “CALM DOWN” bracelet :P. I would have preferred; “Calm the F down”, but that would have taken the whole wrist and leave no space for some colourful beads. As I was making it, I decided to photograph the process for you so you can also make your own -since its the easiest thing ever!-.

If you end up making some bracelets, let me know so I can check them out! :)

And without further ado, here is how you make it;

You simply need some colourful beads (whichever size or color combination you like), letter beads (got mine on amazon), waxed cord (or whichever cord you have available during quarantine) and scissors.

Insert the beads into the cord. I chose pink an orange as a color combination so I do one of each before I get to the letter beads. I use the “Calm Down” words because I need to constantly remind myself to calm down, but you can simply choose whichever word/words you want. Make sure you add the same amount of color beads on each side next to the words you choose (to make sure it looks symmetrical).

Tie some knots on the last beads from each side to secure it in place.

This is how it should look like.

I used a double knot to tie it to my wrist. Ask someone to help you since it’s hard to do it with just one hand.

Thats it!!! Wear it proudly and once you get tired of it, cut the cord with a pair of scissors and change the color combination or words.

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  1. Love these bracelets :) I made many with names and texts to keep myself and to give away as present to friends. Love to combine it with a basic outfit so it stands out and catches peoples eyes!