WHO doesn’t love Banana Bread, am I right?

I have been making banana oat pancakes for years, but I never adventured myself into the wonders of baking my own Banana Bread until I found myself quarantined in my home for what now feels like an eternity (It’s day 25 I think, I have lost count).

I have done a few things to keep me sane these past few days and even though I already enjoyed cooking, I am finding that I might be a lot better than I gave myself credit for. Since I was gonna attempt my first Banana Bread, I thought; Go big or Go home!, so I added a chocolate twist to make it extra tasty.

So let’s begin shall we…


-3 ripe bananas
-1 cup of wheat flour
-2 eggs
-1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt
-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
-2 table spoons of agave syrup
-1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder
-Half of a chocolate bar ( I buy Tony’s Chocoloney because they are fair traded and ethically sourced, plus their chocolate bars are amazing )

  • Preheat the oven at 180 degrees celsius ( about 325 F )Smash the three bananas in a big bowl until they are nice as smooth.
  • Mash the three bananas until they are nice and smooth. Add the two eggs and mix well. Add the Greek yogurt, vanilla and agave syrup and mix everything together.

  • Add the flour and baking powder to your mixture and mix well.

  • You can either place the chocolate bar in the microwave for a few seconds but I prefer to use the Bain-Marie method, so the chocolate melts slowly and more smoothly. Boil some water and pour into a large pan. In a smaller bowl, place the chocolate bar and then sit the smaller bowl on top of the bigger pan with the boiling water (*make sure the water DOESN’T come inside the bowl with the chocolate!). The chocolate will start melting, just mix slowly with a spoon until it’s all creamy and melted.

  • Once the chocolate is melted, pass on some of the banana mixture into your chocolate bowl and mix ( I only do about three tablespoons ).

  • Start pouring your mixture into a grease mould. do the banana mixture first, then layer a couple of circles of your chocolate batter. Repeat with the banana batter for another layer and finish it off with a couple of extra rings of chocolate batter on top.

  • Create a marble pattern with a knife. Just be creative, it’s your unique swirl design! :)
  • Put your masterpiece in the oven for about 45 minutes ( check if its ready by inserting a toothpick into the bread, if the toothpick comes out dry or just with a small amount of crumbles, your bread is ready!)
  • After the 45 minutes, bring your bread outside the oven and leave it cool down for 15 minutes. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to get your bread off the mould straight out of the oven, it will ruin your cake (it happened only first attempt, rookie mistake).


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  1. woow excellent, I have also made the oatmeal and banana pancakes many times but I have made a banana cake, I think the idea is wonderful, really in these times of quarantine we will get fat from eating and watching series