The world is upside down at the moment and while we are trying to make sense of everything that’s happening, we could also try to remain calm and try so use this time in “isolation” to do stuff that enrich us in some way. On top of work (for those who are still fortunate enough to have a job through these tough times), we can also spend some time exercising, practicing mindfulness/meditation, learning a language, cooking, drawing, reading and perhaps challenging ourselves to spend a little less time on social media and a little more time doing something that will make our lives better.

I’ve personally been trying to spend my time doing different things that will keep this constant anxiety at bay and cooking is one of them. With this in mind, I decided to share some of the recipes I have been trying while I am in self-quarantine. I hope you like them! seemore


The past few weeks have been incredibly tough. Going through something personal basically threw me into self-quarantine before the whole COVID-19 hit the fan and now, we are going through a situation which nobody in our generation has ever had to live through before; A global pandemic.

The entire world is on pause, we are all confused and scared of the repercussions this will have on our health, businesses, economy and the world in general. seemore