I’ve wanted to do this post for SOOOO LONG but for some reason, I haven’t gotten around to do it until now and I am glad, because this was such a fun post to work on! I wanted to show you that with just minor changes, you can get away with wearing the same thing every day and probably nobody will be pointing fingers out you.

I told my best friend and business partner; I bet that if I wore the same look everyday for a week, you wouldn’t even notice.
He said; Of course I would! -Which could be the case, considering we shoot almost every single day and you would think that this fact alone would make him notice what I’m wearing right?, nope. On top of this, I was absofreakinglutely certain that my boyfriend wouldn’t notice, nor would my friends or you guys on instagram, so I began with the experiment to prove myself I was right…

My base look every day for 5 days was the same black turtle neck, black knitted mini skirt, black pair of tights (I did change those haha) and the same pair of chunky Chelsea boots. That base didn’t change at all during the week, everything else on top was an attempt to keep warm and obviously, try deviate the attention from the fact that I was literally wearing the same thing underneath for 5 days straight and of course, pimp my lewk.


LOOK DAY 1  >> Turtle neck: Uniqlo  |  Skirt: ZARA  |  Boots: ZARA  |  Coat: Burberry  |  Bag: Rouje  |  Belt: ZARA


LOOK DAY 2  >> Turtle neck: Uniqlo  |  Skirt: ZARA  |  Boots: ZARA  |  Coat: Sportmax  |  Scarf: JW Anderson x Uniqlo  |  Bag: JW Anderson


LOOK DAY 3  >> Turtle neck: Uniqlo  |  Skirt: ZARA  |  Boots: ZARA  |  Star Jumper: Zoe Karssen  |  Bag: Rouje


LOOK DAY 4  >>  Turtle neck: Uniqlo  |  Skirt: ZARA  |  Boots: ZARA  |  Faux Fur Coat: Rouje  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Belt: ZARA


LOOK DAY 4  >>  Turtle neck: Uniqlo  |  Skirt: ZARA  |  Boots: ZARA  |  Oversized Denim Shirt: Andy Torres x Sportmax  |  Bag: Polene Paris  |  Pearl Necklace: DIY

Which one was your favourite???



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  1. I really can’t choose between the camel Burberry coat and the red coat and red tartan scarf, both look quite stunning in totally different ways.

  2. This is such an amazing idea Andy! Love them all but my favorite ones are from day 1 and 2! Will have to keep this on mind for a next time, plus it’s a time saver as well! :)

    Have a beautiful day and happy mid-week! XO

  3. I really like the combo of skirt and turtleneck! And of course the idea is genius. It is a nice way to get creative!

    Are the skirt and turtleneck of present collection? If yes might I ask you for the references? Thanks a lot!

  4. Hello,
    love your blog I’ve been reading it for a long time, congratulations! So engaging.

    Any chance to get a link to a similar item as the lock necklace? I think I’m in love with it.


  5. Such a brilliant post!!
    Honestly haven’t been around blogs much lately but this post reminded of why I used to read them. This is the kind of content a blog should have ;) fun and creative!

    Much love

    1. Im so happy to read this! Being from the generation that started up fashion blogging, I crave this content too and I am so keen to start creating more of this like I used to! :)

  6. Loooove this idea! My favorites (I can’t just pick one, we’re talking about you – the master of styling!! Haha) are look 2 and 3! 😘

  7. I never commented on your blog but boy this is amazing ! I love it you just casually proves that same outfit can be styled but mainly accesorised differently ! I’ll try it for sure !

  8. These are all gorgeous ways to wear ‘the same’ look. It shows it is good to have basics to rely on, like a black turtleneck and mini. The coats you paired with these combos are gorgeous as are the accessories. Sometimes we can change an outfit with tiny details.

  9. My favourite look is the one with the star jumper! I love this post. It is just another example of how you really don’t need a ton of clothes. It is a great way of making people conscious about how we buy much more than we need.