Dear StyleScrapbook,

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was creating you from the first home lived at when I moved to The Netherlands. Back then, nobody knew what a Fashion Blog was, not even me but I created you anyway. Never in a million years I would have guessed what would unfold after and I will be eternally grateful to you for that.

You changed my life is so many ways, you showed me that passion, love and determination can take you a LONG way. You have been an absolute rollercoaster and I am so proud to know that you were one of the blogs that shaped the course of what the fashion blogging industry later became, that is a fact.

You took a girl from a small city in Mexico and gave her a VOICE, you made that voice heard in every corner of the globe. You gave me the platform to share my vision, my hopes and dreams and I have always taken that seriously. We have had millions and millions of visits throughout the past 12 years, we have loyal readers which I consider friends and in that time, we have ALWAYS been true and honest with them, in everything we do.

Thinking of you always makes me feel overprotective and emotional, because you have given me SO MUCH, you have opened so many doors and given me the chance to fulfil so many dreams. 12 years have passed and the blogging era was taken over by the influencer era, a time for fast content and instant gratification but we have still remained strong and I believe that people are starting to know better and that the craving for honest and substantial content is rising again and we will be here, as close as always and better than ever.



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  1. I am here since 2009… And I agree 100% with this:
    “…you were one of the blogs that shaped the course of what the fashion blogging industry later became…”

    Here 4ever!

  2. I’m a bit late but HBD Style Scrapbook! I found your blog in 2007-2008 so I’ve followed you almost this whole time. :D I’m happy that you are still blogging, because many of my favorites have stopped and decided to post only in Instagram. I find it’s quite boring because IG is such a overload of photos from millions and millions of users, whereas a blog could be more like one’s own personal space…

  3. I can’t believe I have been following you since so many years. I found your blog in 2011 and never left it! You’re such an inspiration not only for fashion. I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become and wish you all the best life could give you! Hope to meet you once… kisses, Sonjina

  4. WOW, no sé si realmente te sigo desde el 2007 pero podría apostar que si, recuerdo todos esos outfits! Al inicio eras una inspiración para querer verme mejor jajaj ahora eres una inspiración de muuuchas maneras diferentes!!! Muchas felicidades, desde México ❤️

    1. Lucia mil gracias por tus palabras! Te lo agradezco muchísimo. Que increíble que todavía te acuerdes de todos esos looks viejitos!!! haha


  5. Yo te sigo desde el 2010 !!!
    Sigo enamora de ese saco de rayas blancas y negras :) y que decir de esa chamarra Balmain´s militar que nos enseñaste hacer ! Me encanta mucho tu forma de vestir pero sobre todo de la persona que reflejas en las fotos pues desprendes felicidad, haces que la moda no sea solamente superficial si no divertida y parte de nuestra esencia.
    He visto todos tus logros y estoy segura que segura muchos más :)
    Felicidades Andy !

  6. Ya no me acuerdo de como llegué a tu blog Andy, pero estoy segura que llevo 12 años leyéndote, alegrandome con tu éxito y creciendo junto a ustedes. Feliz 12 años a StyleScrapbook, vamos por 12 más!

  7. Haaappppppyyy birthdaaaaay Style scrapbook!!!!!🥳🥳🥳
    I’m your fan for I guess 12years now 😄 keep up the good work, I looove it then and I looove it now!!!!