The MOST AMAZING time of the year is upon us!!! Lest be honest, the feeling you get when its time to put up your Christmas tree is like no other, almost feels like your being transported back to your childhood and you get to be a kid for a day.

Shopping for a Christmas tree makes me SO HAPPY and every year, I promise myself to get it up before November ends, just so I can squeeze as much joy as I can from that Christmassy vibe at home. I live in Amsterdam as you know and the Dutch don’t put their Christmas trees up until after Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition that is celebrated the 5th of December), but I am Mexican, so I believe I have to carry on my tradition of premature Christmas decoration and since my kids will be MexiDutch, I guess they will carry this tradition too haha!

My boyfriend promised to take me Christmas tree shopping tomorrow, so I already started gathering some inspiration for my home decor and since I know you are in the same pickle, I decided to share the inspiration with you too.

I would love to see your Christmas trees once you have them up though, so please tag me if you post them on the gram!

ph. via Pinterest



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