Brace yourself friends because this A/W trends are gonna take us all on a wild ride! I have been wanting to post about these boots for a while now, but I wanted to gather sufficient evidence to convince you that these boots are an absolute MUST. Sure, to each their own and these might not be everyones cup of tea … at first… but just give them a couple of months and I assure you will be seeking for a pair to own.

Why do I love these boots? Not only are they super practical because they are flat and comfortable, but they are also perfect for the cold days AND they are a statement to say the least. These require meticulous styling though and if you are gonna decide to invest in these, make sure you browse enough inspiration looks to be sure you can mix and match them with the things your current wardrobe.

These boots are really bulky, really masculine and absolutely PERFECT to disrupt a girly outfit.

I will be sharing with you some inspiration looks on how to wear them shortly, for now, linger on the thought and I will be back with more!

1.  EYTYS  |  2. ZARA  |  3. PRADA  |  4. BRONX SHOES  |  5. PRADA  |  6. BOTTEGA VENETA

*1st images via Vogue Runway and @pernilleteisbaek

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