I’M WEARING  >>  Dress: Reformation | Tee: Uniqlo | Blazer: ZARA  |  Boots: Isabel Marant

Today marks the official start of the Autumn and by default, transitional styling will now be inevitable.

Even though I love layering, I am not the biggest fan of that transitional period, just because I find it a little hard to get into the mindset of: “Ok, the hot Summers days are gone from one week to the next and I can’t go barelegged anymore, but I am still not ready for Winter looks”.

However, the opportunity for layering is quite thrilling for me so looking at the bright side, Autumn is the perfect time of the year to experiment with layering without having to cover completely. Slip dresses are amazing during the Summer but they don’t have to make their way into the back of your closet just yet. Layering them over thin jumpers or t-shirts is a great way to take them along with you during the fall, just make sure you throw on an oversized blazer, coat, or jacket and while you’re at it, pair them with knee high boots and you are all set!


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