I’M WEARING  >>  Pants: American Apparel  |  Boots: Henry Kole  |  Sweatshirt: H&M Men (I cut it to make it cropped)  |  Earrings: ZARA

Not only is Iceland my favourite place on earth, but this might be my favourite shoot ever on the blog. I don’t know why that is, perhaps because of the memories of standing there, in the middle of a Glacier in Iceland, feeling so small and so overwhelmed of how beautiful our planet. I can get emotional talking to you about how passionate I feel about Iceland and how much emotion it triggers in me. If you ever get the change to go, or if you are trying to pick a new holiday destination, skip the beach for once and go to Iceland. The beauty that you will discover here is unlike anything you have ever seen. You wont ever regret this.

Ph by Khalil Robinson

14 thoughts on “ICELANDIC GLACIER

  1. Love your boots!

    Do you have any other recommendations for Iceland, such as other places to visit, restaurants, shops,…? :)

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