I haven’t done these kind of posts in a while but recently, I have become more interested in sharing things with you here than on Instagram to be honest. Here I can really elaborate on some ideas, I can share more inspiration and I can really -freely- be me, without having to stress over the algorithm.

The reason why I want to start sharing these type of post as well, is because I want to start experimenting with DIY’s again, which is something you guys ask for a lot and that iS truly one of my passions. Looking at shows and specially making a selection of my favourite looks from each show always gives me so many ideas on future DIY’s  -even when its something as simple as changing the buttons of a blazer or getting fancy shoe laces for an otherwise boring pair of boots-.

Here are my favourite looks from the LV Resort show in New York a couple of days ago and it was right down my alley; 80’s extravaganza but elegantly executed. Nicolas Ghesquiere is truly one of the greatest designers of our time in my opinion and he is undoubtedly setting trends in every single show he puts on the runway.


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