Pearl Choker: Mexico City’s Jewellery Market

I have been trying to find a pearl choker necklace for months, the problem was that it is quite hard to find the right size to fit me like a choker, plus I am quite picky with the size of the pearls I wanted. I FINALLY managed to come across a store at Mexico City’s Jewellery market, where I showed the jeweller a photo of what I wanted and she told me she could make me one in 40 minutes. You have no idea how excited I was to finally get my very own, plus customised to my size!

Pearls will make a massive comeback this Summer so get yourself one of these before everyone on instagram is wearing them! ;) (try etsy for some options!)




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  1. Hi Andy,
    It is so great when you find something “local” and not just on any shop! Could you maybe tell us about your other necklaces as well? I love stack! Thank you very much,

    1. Sure Maggy! :)

      The Dreamer necklace is from Anna Nina (a Dutch brand). The A was a present so not sure from where and the thicker chain is from Maria Pascual <3