I’M WEARING  >> Pants: Custom-made  |  Boots: Western Outfitters in Williams Arizona  |  Tee: Pull & Bear  |  Bag: Moschino

So happy that I have been able to serve you some lewks from Mexico city every day on the blog since I arrived. You saw it here first baby!

This look is one of my absolute favourites because of that touch of Rock n’ Roll meets 70’s. I get questions about these pants all the time and the truth is that my seamstress back home in Mexico made them for me. I brought her my favourite pair of black flare pants and asked her to copy those, but make the flare more dramatic and MOST IMPORTANTLY, make them as long as possible. I have BIG surprise for you guys if you are also into these type of pants, but you will just have to wait a little longer for the reveal.

In the meantime; I hope you had a KICK ASS WEEKEND!

21 thoughts on “MUSEO SOUMAYA

  1. ♪ Ya see it on television every day
    Hear it on the radio
    It ain’t humid but it sure is hot
    Down in Mexico ♪ ^^)

    1. They are right? I LOVE these pants and the best part is that they are made to fit perfectly :)

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