I’M WEARING  >>  Blazer: & Other Stories  |  Cashmere Sweater: Uniqlo  |  Sneakers: Balenciaga  |  Bag: Gucci  |  Hair clip: ZARA

If you asked my mother or close friends what my least favourite colour is, they will ALL say brown and to be fair, this has been a constant all my life. I don’t like wearing brown, plain and simple. A few weeks ago, somebody I know “confronted” me by saying: “I though you didn’t like brown? But you keep wearing it lately!”. At first I was a bit thrown off by the comment, but then I thought: “She must be colour blind” hahah.

Anyway, the point of the story is that I don’t consider Camel, brown. There is a VERY big difference.
Camel is one of those neutral and classic colours. It can be elegant and it can be super chic, specially as a coat or blazer. I looked for the perfect camel blazer far and wide and it took me a while, but in a matter of two weeks, I didn’t find one but 2. The first (and pictured above) is from & Other stories, although I am afraid it might not be in stores anymore. The second, is THIS one, found at a vintage store and initially purchased by my boyfriend -who still hasn’t come to terms with a camel blazer-, so I decided to borrow it of course.
I have pep-talked my boyfriend into the wonder that is “The Camel Blazer” and all the ways you can style it, but he just won’t listen so I need to keep working my magic and maybe eventually, we will get him to wear it. Cross your fingers for me!


  1. I adore the camel colour. It is definitely classic and neutral. As you have mentioned the camel colour is also elegant and chic. It fits almost every colour and looks royal and rich. The jacket is absolutely amazing. I love its cut and quality – I can feel its softness even through the picture.

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