I’M WEARING  >>  Suit: Suistudio | Boots: Calvin Klein | Bag: Gucci  |  Hat: Lack of Colour | Cashmere Sweater: Vintage

Once upon a time while I was in London, I posted a photo on my IG stories wearing this look and my DM’s literally exploded. I was quite surprised that of all looks I’ve worn in the past few years, this was the one that caused the biggest reaction though.

I wore this look on a day tour to Windsor Castle even if it was raining like crazy and I nearly lost my hat three times thanks to the strong wind. I was still feeling like a million bucks though. I gotta say though, that I got stared at and pointed at so many times by people, not because they knew who I was, but because they probably thought; “Why is this crazy girl wearing that to a castle tour?”. I have always been like this though, ever since I was a little girl. I used to wear quirky outfits even to the supermarket and my Mom used to ask me; “Are you wearing that? We’re only going to Wall Mart”.

I guess the point that I am trying to make -specially because I get a lot of messages form you saying that you wish you had the confidence to wear whatever you like and care a little less of what people think-, is that you should do you. The only reason why I got to this point of confidence is because despite the looks, I still wear whatever the heck I want. It’s obviously gotten easier with time and honestly, if someone laughs at my look, I couldn’t possibly care less but while growing up in a “small” city in Mexico, things were a little different.

Our style is a big reflection of our attitude and our personalities, so don’t tone that down just because you are afraid of what other people might think. If you feel like wearing a camel suit, cowboy boots and a big hat to a tour on Windsor castle, do it!

Ironically and despite all the stares, this has been one of my most popular looks on instagram. See what I mean?. As I always say; Wear what you like and like what you wear!



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  1. I gotta say, I’d probably have stared as well : this suit looks gorgeous on you ! Really love how you’re styling menswear and tailoring pieces

  2. YES!! My parents would constantly question my outfit choices and I’m just like, so what? If I like something, I’m going to wear it! Most of the time it pays off because I do get compliments when I go out and about in my more over-the-top looks! Love this look, especially the hat! ❤
    -Anna //

  3. I so agree and can relate to what you say! The hardest part is getting over the ‘being stared at’ but I realised that I don’t have infinite time to wear what I want; it’s now or never. Wearing what you want and like is so much more worth it than being afraid of what strangers think :)

  4. Completely agree with the “why should you wear what you like”!

    That’s why we have Boutique Moschino in our store… somewhat different :-)


  5. I love that ❤️ And I love your style! I try to express myself everyday with a piece of clothing or accessories.. it’s my little output to the world :)

    1. Im glad you do! It’s so sad when people tone down there style because they get bullied or stared at. Thats why I always try to encourage this, because the opinion of the haters doesn’t matter!