I’M WEARING >> Beanie: DIY  |  Coat: Vintage  |  Cardigan: Uniqlo  |  Pants: Designers Remix  |  Sneakers: IRO Paris  |  Bag: Tods

I am a sucker for a throwback, SPECIALLY when its a good one, which brings me to my next point; As I was cleaning out my closet a couple of days ago, I found this beanie that I made 7 years ago after seeing it on the Jil Sander SS12 Runway. In fact I think I DIY’ed about three of them but the other two are nowhere to be found.

See, the thing is that I find it hard to get rid of things -specially clothes-, because I always ask myself; What if you want to wear it again in 2038? And the truth is, maybe I might, but I still need to start making some decisions before my entire apartments becomes one big walking closet.

Thankfully for me -and most of us really-, Marie Kondo came to the rescue! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should start watching “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” on Netflix and that will catch you right up. Not only do I love her philosophy of greeting the homes and thanking the items that you are getting rid of, but her “SPARK JOY” concept is an absolute life changer! From now on, I will try to only keep things that SPARK JOY and luckily for this beanie, it still made the cut.


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