We all know that life is full of ups and downs, but it’s the way we look at situations that really matters, because even in a negative situation, we can try to see it from a perspective of learning and growth.

Long story short, I didn’t have the best New Years Eve and consequently, my 1st of January really sucked. I guess you can say that I am a little superstitious, in a very harmless way. It’s kind of a thing in my Mexican Culture; for example, we have this thing in my family where we run around the house with a suitcase when the clock hits midnight on New Years Eve to attract traveling. In Mexico -perhaps also in your country-, we eat 12 grapes and make 12 wishes at midnight, wear red underwear, we never cheer with water because (well, google that one hahaha!) and so on. All very harmless superstitions (we have SO MANY) and it’s just a fun cultural gimmick (perhaps you can relate?).

When my New Years Eve sucked hard, I started to get really worried and when my first of January sucked even harder, I started to become quite depressed. Man, I had a really rough week last week and it took me a few days to shake off that feeling. I know that instagram tends to portrait everyone as having “The Perfect Life”, that it’s an aspirational platform, but that sometimes can harm more than benefit the viewers and that is why it’s so important for me to show a human side. Flat out, last week SUCKED for me.

The reason why I am sharing this is not to justify my apparent absence from social media last week, because I did show some signs of life throughout -even though I really didn’t feel like it-, but to share what lifted me up.

I am a firm believer in positivity and that the energy we put out, comes back to us, although I am human and we all have those days where our brains won’t cooperate and our thoughts are so negative, that our day just seems to be getting worse. Luckily I have read a lot on this subject and I tend to be quite good at shifting my focus and my energy towards a positive mindset but Jezz, last week was a challenge.

Little did I know and despite last week being such a hurdle for me, something REALLY great and positive came out this; I got the opportunity to hermit myself from the world and read, study, make lists and focus (plus escaped to pilates and the gym a few times). I mean that after the 3rd shitty consecutive day, I thought: Enough is Enough!.
I got all my favourite books out, those that really make me feel empowered, that trigger my creative process, I played Bach, Mozart, Wagner and Tchaikovsky while I sat on my favourite spot and made lists. Yeah, lists.

Firstly; I started writing a list of ALL THE THINGS I am grateful for because throughout my research and experience on this planet, thinking of the things I am grateful for always lifts me up. You know, when you compare a bad day to for instance; being grateful for your family, or your partner, or the amazing holiday you are about to book, the beautiful present you got for Christmas or simply, being grateful for having the chance to live another day, well, that really puts things into perspective doesn’t it?.

Secondly; I made a list of all my hopes and dreams, the small ones AND the big ones, no matter how big they are, because the only way we can actually get what we want, is if we know what we want. This exercise is SO POWERFUL for me because I am able to put in writing concrete goals to work towards and visualisation or “Day Dreaming”, is so key in this whole process.

Lastly -and you probably already saw on instagram-; I started meditating, or getting acquainted with it at least. I already attempted this a couple of years ago when my Dad passed away, but I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep going. This year however, I am DETERMINED to turn it into a habit. I can be quite disciplined if I want to and this is so high on my list of priorities this year because I want to learn how to quiet my mind and become better at dealing with anxiety and stress.

Again, long story short, my first week of the year was a learning curve for me and what started in a very negative way, turned out to be the kick in the butt I needed to start over in the best way possible. The beauty of it all is that humans have an incredible ability to adapt, to create and to start over. We get a new chance every single day, so wake up with the mindset that today will be your best day to date and really try to hold on to that, do everything you can to keep yourself on that vibration and if shit happens during the day, think of what good outcome you can take from it, what did you learn from it and move on.

The reason why I share all of this is because its so important for me to share a real side of myself. I have been fortunate enough to live my dream life so far but I am human, I also have bad days/weeks and this is how I tackle them.

I already left you a list of Guided Meditation apps a lot of you suggested me on instagram, but here it is again in case you want to start too:

And here are a couple of books I have been reading since last month, that can also help you get towards your goals;

Hope this helps and lets make this our best year yet!!!



  1. I just found your blog and so far I’m loving it! It’s so amazing for you to share that behind the scenes, real side of life. I had a moment like that last year when we went on our big trip of the year. I was writing some notes for the blog post that would follow and there was no way around it, I had to tell people that in reality, parts of it really SUCKED. Like you said, social media can portray everything to be perfect, so I really really respect and love that you let your human side show. I thank you so much for that because even though I know that no one has a perfectly charmed life, it’s hard to not compare yourself all the time, especially when things get tough. This is the first post of yours that I’ve read, but you can bet I’m gonna go back and read so many more! I wish you all the best in 2019 <3 <3

  2. Lovely post. I found you on bloglovin after searching Meditation. I also just started meditating again and hoping this time it sticks. I was surprised at how I was able to do 30minutes at a time pretty well. It’s as if my mind and soul were starving for that rest and I feel so refreshed after. I wish you luck with it. I’m reading a beautiful book called True You. It’s about finding time for directed rest(what I call meditation). Also not sure if you are aware Yale has a free meditation timer called the Insight Timer, it’s an app and it’s super useful. It helped me meditate longer than any other app I’ve used. -Much Love Karla

    1. Hi dear!

      Oh that’s my goal, to be able to do it for 30 minutes straight so well done! I downloaded Insight timer a couple of days ago. I am using headspace for the past few days but I will also give it a try.

      Wish you all the best!


  3. This is so empowering! I just love this blog post, it is so true that every day is a new day and we have to live it the best we can and take the positives out of crappy situations, this is something I’m really trying to channel in 2019. Also, You Are A Badass is a book I may just have to put on my book list, it looks so powerful.

    1. You HAVE to read it! its a game changer!!

      Good luck sweetheart and sending you my best on this new year! <3

  4. Gracias por compartir Andy; yo nunca he sido de las personas que ven el lado positivo de las cosas, pero el año pasado pude cumplir uno de mis sueños y desde ahí empecé a intentar cambiar un poco mi perspectiva. Una de las razones por las que te admiro son tus posts donde nos invitas a siempre ver el laso bueno y siempre siempre sonreír. Recuerdo que hasta ese mantra lo llevas tatuado! Espero este año solo haya empezado mal y de aquí en adelante todo mejore. Un saludo!

    1. Exactamente!
      El verle el lado bueno a las cosas y ser positivo es un ejercicio y mientras mas lo practicas, mas fácil es! Te recomiendo muchísimo el libro amarillo que subí aquí, también esta la version en español pero si lo puedes leer en ingles, todavía mejor por que no se como lo traducen.
      Un abrazo enorme!



  5. Hola Andrea,
    Me encanta que expreses también esta parte de ti. No es nada fácil tratar con el estrés y la ansiedad del día a día, hay veces que ni siquiera somos conscientes de ello.
    Pero shit happens…Debemos aprender a vivir con ello y ver el lado bueno de las cosas. Que el simple hecho de despertar cada día ya es un regalo.

  6. Leuk dat je zo eerlijk bent.
    Mijn nieuwjaar avond / eerste week also sucked. 🙃 iedereen heeft minder goede dagen niet alles moet altijd perfect zijn.
    Maar head up high and go … we can do this.

    NA regen komt zonneschijn.

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