I’M WEARING  >>  Jacket: S.Oliver  |  Pants: ZARA  |  Top: Cotton Citizen  |  Sunglasses: Celine


I already posted about the Puffer Jacket trend in October, but as I imagines this trend can be a little overwhelming for some people as these jackets tend to be quite puffy and big. To be honest, I wasn’t really does on the idea until two years ago when I got my “first one” and believe me, this jacket is as big as they get.

Pros: It is WARM (because it was huge) and it is quite cozy to wear it on a cold Winters day.

Cons: It is huge and bulky, it also makes me look like the Michelin man, but I wasn’t gonna let that stop me.

What I did was to try a few styling tricks to make it a little less frumpy and a little more cool. I understand that a lot of you might be skeptical about wearing these type of jackets but bare with me, try a few of the tricks below and then make your decision!

Wear it with flare pants: Flare pants have the ability to elongate your legs, so it will balance the proportions nicely.

-Try it with high waist pants/skirts: Similarly to flare pants, high waist pants and skirts also give the impression of elongating your legs and torso, so once you manage to elongate your body, the bulky and oversized jacket will just be an extra cool addition to your look.

-Layer over a belted blazer: I tried this trick and it worked like a charm. You know I am obsessed with blazers, so this is one of my favourite ways to style it. I took my favourite leather pants, wrote a t-shirt threw a blazer on top and belted it with a contrasting color belt. After that, the jacket was merely there to keep me warm, but I was wearing it a bit off shoulder, which might have not been the most efficient way of wearing it, but i didn’t care cause FASHUUUN! hahahah

So now, did I convince you to try this trend? And if I have, send me some of your looks through instagram a or an email! I might post my favourite ones :)


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