I’M WEARING  >>  Boots: Isabel Marant  |  Bag: Gucci  |  Blazer: Vintage  |  Jumper: Lacoste (vintage)

New clothes are great, but sometimes, vintage clothes are even better. For years I have developed an infatuation with vintage shopping and the truth is, most of my most beloved items in my closet are vintage pieces that I have collected from here and there.

Lately, my boyfriend and I have been visiting our favorite vintage shops and finding quite a lot of treasures but still, most of our best fins have been blazers (I will write a different post about my favorite vintage stores with addresses and all). This camel blazer for instance is obviously for men, yet I am not the one to shy away from a menswear piece so even though this is obviously quite big for me, I still tried to make it work. Funny thing is, most blazers we have found fit my boyfriend like a glove and are a tad too oversized on me but I wear them anyway.

My obsession with collecting vintage blazers has reached an all time high now that my boyfriend is also into it and since we are moving in together soon, I have no idea how we will find space to have this little museum of Vintage Blazers we have created, but I am all up for the challenge! hahaha



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