If you are anything like me, as soon as mid November hits, your inner child starts throwing warning sigs that you better get your Christmas tree up within the next two weeks. I gotta be honest, I always begged my Mom to decorate for Christmas quite prematurely, so sometimes the tree would go up as early as the first weekend of November in the house where I grew up. Nowadays, I don’t feel the urge so early, yet since December is upon us, my inner child is sulking and throwing tantrums because I haven’t worked on my tree yet.

My Amsterdam apartment is a tad small for a big tree, so throughout the years I’ve had to be creative and come up with ideas on how to make my place Christmassy without the huge tree ( I even had a Christmas cactus one year remember?! ahaha).

Anyway, I am planning on getting myself a tree this weekend and I browsed Pinterest for some ideas on smaller trees.  If you are on the same boat and don’t have any space for a big tree, I made a selection of some of my favourite trees so we can decorate our homes together. In fact, once you have your tree up, I would love to see what you did with it so send me a pic to my email or on an instagram DM! :)

Images via Pinterest


  1. Thanks for the small Christmas trees ideas. I love the tree that’s on the right of your featured image best. I haven’t put up a tree in a few years. I love this time of the year, but December has passed by too quick for me in the most recent years. However, I want to change that this year and plan to put up some decorations to make my living space festive and be more submerged in the holiday spirit.

  2. Me encanta la versión de tu Árbol, un cactus recuerda a México!! o bueno por lo menos yo lo asocio así, no se porque jeje. Soy de Colombia y en mi mente veo muchos cactus en Mexico !! Felices Fiestas!

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