Let me be completely transparent; I did resist this trend for a while. I used to have a jacket like this one when I was a child, so the moment these jackets started showing up, I immediately said; No thank you.

I am the first to admit when I am wrong and I might have been wrong about this one. I am not on board with every single puffer jacket on the market, but I do believe that the right one can seriously be cool -If you style it the right way-.
I gathered up a few of my ABSOLUTELY favourite ways to style it on the collage above, for a visual reference. For example; If your jacket is slightly on the shorter side, pairing it up with high waisted trousers, vintage jeans and even flare pants, would be the best move. If the jacket is oversized, try use it as the last layering piece on a look, like above a suit for example.

What do you think about this new Winter trend? Yay, or would you rather let it slide? Leave a comment below, I am interested in hearing your thoughts!



  1. I think Ariana Grande started or effected this trend she were it as a hip hop style very cool for her

    if you wondering why I comment a little bit old post it because I’m reading all what I missed
    I had some network problems, didn’t have computer, didn’t have a time….
    But I never miss you vlogs since you started

    1. I am also split in the middle. I think the right jacket and the right styling might look amazing! Working on an example post to share some styling tips :)

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