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This isn’t per se a new thing, but the see-through bags are making a huge comeback in the past few weeks and I am really into it!. I always thought it was a bit awkward to have the contents of your bag exposed, but nowadays, im thinking: Oh, what the heck!, so Im just going for it.
Still trying to pick one but I managed to narrow it down to a pretty solid selection above. Hope you like it and come back soon for more Trend-spotting!



  1. No lo creo (bueno si) Estas bolsas me recuerdan muchísimo de cuando era niña. Quien en los 90’s no tenia una de estas bolsas ó una de esas mochilas transparentes que se inflaban. The good old days are back.

    Me encanto este post.
    Saludos desde Cali

  2. Hi Andy
    Those bags remind me so much of my childhood. Pearls were everything to me :)
    Thanks for the tips and links to the bags!
    The one I like best is the cross-body-version worn in the photo by a model. Where is this model from?
    Pia from Zurich

  3. I just love the look of these bags but I don’t know how much wear I would get out of them.. same goes for all the beautiful beaded bags out there :)

    x Lisa |

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