I’M WEARING  >>  Hoodie: MSGM  |  Pants: H&M Studio  |  Sneakers: Converse (platform)  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler

Honestly, the older I get, the more I believe in the saying: Never say never. My uniform in elementary and secondary school was the stereotypical checkered skirt (clueless style) in shades of dark greens, burgundy, a touch of red and yellow. I didn’t have such a problem with that, but what I did hate was the color of our uniform jacket; Bright green and exactly the shade of the hoodie above. I was always particular about my clothes, even as a kid. I used to ask my mom if I could style my own looks and I would always have particular requests of garments I wanted her to sew for me. I remember thinking that I would rather be cold than wear that stupid green jacket, because “who would want to wear such an ugly color”. I remember telling my Mom that as soon as I would be done with school, I would NEVER wear that color again, not by force, not by choice.

Fast-forward a few years and I did just that. Of course I had completely forgotten about the whole uniform jacket situation, but as I was folding this hoodie the other day, It suddenly hit me; “OMG this is the same color as that uniform jacket I used to have!”. Only difference now is that I actually kind of love it!. Perhaps I wouldn’t have worn this color on its own, but I love how it look when you add that touch of pink.

Do you have any school uniform stories? Did you love or hate yours? I would love to read about it!


15 thoughts on “NEVER SAY NEVER

  1. I’m so happy that my school uniform was just a white or red t-shirt with the school logo and jeans. No room for traumas!

  2. Same thing here. We used to have yellow tops and blue bottoms as a uniform. I hated yellow for years . Now I overcame this issue. Yellow looks good one me:P

  3. jajaja imagino a tu madre diciendo eso, es cierto! yo en mi colego tambien utilizaba un uniforme muy feo, gris con burdeo y cuando alguna vez despues me puse esa combinacion fue como un renacer! Lo importante es el cambio que le demos, esa sudadera por ejemplo te queda muy cool, ojala algún uniforme de colegio sea así hoy haha.
    un beso guapa, me encanta que sigas actualizando tu blog !

  4. Andy,
    I too use to have to wear a uniform to school and I couldn’t stand it. We had black, white, grey, and navy blue checkered skirts, as well as ones that you could get in red, white, and grey. we were allowed to wear navy blue or khaki pants and had to were polo shirts every day in blue, red, or white. I hated Fridays the most because we had to were a while polo shirt with a bright red wool vest. It looked awful and any time I could I would do anything to avoid wearing the color red. Now that I’m older red is one of my favorite colors, my prom dress was even red. interesting to see how ones sense of style can change over the years.

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