Long radio silence on AIT I know, but it has been a long year, trying to re-focus, re-start and re-boot.

I was so grateful to see your reaction when we launched AIT almost exactly a year ago. It was a trial period of testing out what I wanted to do, what direction I wanted to take, if clothing was my way forward or if I wanted to take a different route. When our first drop ran out, I wanted to step back to re-think of what would be the next route and even though it took longer than I thought it would, I realised a lot of things that I didn’t know before and I always trust my own timing.
I learnt a lot and I finally figured out that I didn’t want to be labelled as a “clothing brand”, because AIT is my baby and its a work in progress.

I want AIT to be a cool lifestyle brand that encapsulates things that I love. I want it to be edgy, provocative, a MUST HAVE and above all, affordable, because I want all of you to be able to be a part of it.  AIT builds up as I go along, traveling, growing, discovering & creating.

AIT doesn’t have rules or labels, its free and creative, its evolving, its a work in progress. I want AIT to bring you the simplest things in life, That you won’t be able to live without.
It took a year to go back to basics and this feels good, it feels very good because I’m starting where I wanted to start, from the beginning and growing at a pace I am comfortable with, the same way I grew the blog all those years ago.

For our second drop, I wanted to make it personal and share a more intimate part of me. These might seem simple enough, but each one of these statements have a very deep meaning for me.

Each quote on our Statement Collection has a way of always going back to my life, whether it is to remind me of how lucky I am to have found love or to make me shift my focus whenever my mind starts wandering in the wrong direction. I am at a point of growth in my life and I am not just talking about physical growth, because that is absolutely inevitable, but emotional and mental growth. I am trying to teach myself to take a step back and enjoy the moment, to be present, but that is hard and this is precisely why I created this collection, to remind myself every single day. I am trying to focus on all the good things around me and be grateful, instead of spending or rather wasting so much time focusing on the negatives.

I hope this Statement Collection resonates with you, I hope you take it with you, whichever statement connects with you the most and helps you remember to re-focus. I hope this collection brings you peace, good luck and love, even if it’s in the form of a simple affirmation or intent.

I can’t tell you what our next drop will be but that excites me, because its a blank page and the possibilities are endless. What I CAN tell you it won’t take a year again.

Love you guys. Thank you for still being here and supporting me.

And now to the good stuff; SHOP the new AIT “Statement Collection” HERE!


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  1. Me da mucho gusto que hayas tomado tu tiempo para esta nueva colección Andy, se nota que a todo lo que haces le pones mucho amor y dedicación, te deseo mucho éxito en esta nueva etapa y aquí estaremos para la siguiente.