I recently flew to Mexico to film a campaign with Levi’s, for the opening of one of the biggest Levi’s stores in the world, in Madero CDMX. I hadn’t been home in almost a year and I was starting to feel VERY homesick, so this trip definitely came at the right time.
I decided to make a short video with the behind the scenes from my shoot, but also share with you some moments from those days in Mexico city, the catch is; Its in Spanish!.
I tried to enable the subtitles on YouTube, but google translate SUCKS and was translating things I wasn’t even saying, so for the ones that cant speak Spanish, I hope you like the video regardless!

11 thoughts on “IN MEXICO WITH LEVI’S #VLOG

  1. Aw it’s blocked in my country (Ireland). Love when you speak Spanish because I’m trying to learn as my boyfriend is from Peru.
    From ur current trip Mexico looks beautiful ❤️

  2. Me acabo de eneterar que eres mexicana, que agradable escucharte hablar en castellano. Da gusto saber que cuando te escribo me entiendes lo que te digo. Hace poco un amigo estuvo de vacas en Mexico y justo enseño muchos lugares que tu también muestras en el vídeo. Además me has recordado a mi trabajo de agencia y cuando filmamos moda, tengo ganas de volver a la publicidad.

    Nuevo post, último look de invierno.

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