Black Blazer  |  White T-Shirt  |  Leopard Kitchen Cloths  |  Face Earrings  |  Sun Mirror  |  Swimsuit  |  Blue Blazer  |  Velvet Cushion

Drumroll please!!! I bring you my favourite items from the New Arrivals section at H&M and H&M Home this week. I don’t tend to shop for clothes on their website, as I prefer to go to the store and try things on, but I wanted to share my top new items to find on both their stores and web this week.
I used to do this a lot when I started, sharing those pieces that some times don’t catch your eye at first but once you have a second look or even see it on your best friend or favourite blogger, you become obsessed with. I took upon the duty to find the best pieces for you, so you CAN BE THE FIRST on your group of friends wearing it, without breaking the bank obviously.

That black blazer is giving me life. Although I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with blazers, I always find a good reason why I should buy a new one. A blazer is one of those items you should always have in your wardrobe, specially a black one and the fact that this one is slightly boxy and masculine, makes me absolutely drool!

I also tried to look for some options on their HOME section, as I get a lot of things for my apartment there. I really love that velvet cushion and the golden sun mirror. Also, you cant ever have too many kitchen cloths, so why not get some with a cool print?

The earrings are one of those items that you will either love or hate. I personally believe they will literally fly off the shelves, so get them while you still can!

See you son with more finds!!!



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