I’M WEARING  >>  Track pants: Adidas  |  Boots: ZARA  |  Coat: IRO  |  Sweater: H&M Men  |  Bag: JW Anderson

Currently typing this from my hotel in Mexico City and the truth is, I can hardly believe my luck that I am here!. I don’t get to go back home to Mexico very often, perhaps once a year if I am lucky but last Friday, I got an amazing email that changed the course of my plans for the week ahead. I am here specifically to film a video campaign for Levis Mexico, such a beautifully amazing change of plans. I didn’t get to come home for Christmas, so I was missing Mexico A LOT these past few weeks. Law of attraction? Perhaps, but whatever it is, I am just SO happy to be here, not only because of this awesome project, but my sister is having her third baby in a week and now, I get to be with her for the birth. Life is pretty great right now, although I am missing my boyfriend a lot!

In other news, I have been gathering a healthy amount of Adidas track pants for the past years, some new, some vintage, but it gives me great pleasure to see them having a comeback. I wanted to give you a little example of how you can dress these up, although its not everyones cup of tea. I like playing with different styles and challenging myself a little, so I wanted to try to give these the “Andy Touch”.




  1. El abrigo es precioso! Me encanta cómo has combinado de forma tan básica un look en negro. Me gusta el contraste entre lo deportivo del pantalón y la elegancia del bolso. Por cierto, que me encanta el cinto del bolso, qué bonito!

  2. I guess law of attraction did its work!!! I love your hair these days. I guess middle looks really good on you.

    I was thinking for a while to go back to blogging. I miss it and I love doing that, it is kind of my time, just for me, like an escape from real world. I feel really relaxed after writing a blog post, but I wasn’t sure will anyone read it. But then. you and your Instagram post about all the algorithm and blogging thing was probably why I decided to do it again. I am back on commenting on blogs, especially my favourite ones. I love blogs!! I think we should focus a little bit more on them.
    so here I am, sitting in my favourite coffee shop and brainstorming about my new blog or relaunching old one. lots of ideas are on paper ( yes, old school, everything have to be on paper first) and I am so happy about it.


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