YOU asked for it, so here it is!!!…Gosh, it seems like it was yesterday, that I used to video document things for you guys, back when the blog started. I had been meaning to get back into YouTube for the past 2 years, but life has been too hectic and I kept postponing it, until now. I was very shocked to see that I had over 70 videos on my channel, most of them pretty shitty but hey!, no shame in evolving into higher quality content and we all had to start somewhere, right?.

As my first “comeback” video, I really wanted to do the quickest and easiest tutorial on how I get my “Magic Hair Bangs” 0n.

I have been trying to change my look for the longest time and I finally figured out a way to do it, without actually cutting my hair. I won’t get into it here as I explained it better on the video, so I really hope you watch it and most of all, like it!…I will try my best to get new videos for you guys every week, so make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel!!!