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I am guilty as charge when it comes to falling for every pretty sweater I see out there. The problems is, storing knitwear can be a pain in the ass, since some of them are quite chunky and they take half of my closet space, yet I just can’t seem to stop.

We have gotten to the point in the year, where wearing knits is absolutely inevitable.

It’s cold, windy and raining non stop in Amsterdam for the past few weeks, so building “My Ultimate Sweater” guide was necessary. I seem to be drawn to colour this Winter, which is fascinating to me since all I seem to want to wear is black and white with a touch of Denim. This sudden urge to wear colour came at the perfect time, since most high street brands are stepping it up with amazing knitwear which is not only warm and cosy, but also super colorful.

I searched the interwebs for you guys and narrowed down my favourite finds. Let me know what you think and if you have any cool finds, please share!




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  1. Eheheh, the other day I went sweater shopping and I actually bought the 6 from Zara in both the nude and burgundy colours (the sweater is so flattering and warm!). Glad to see it also has your seal of approval!