-Castor Oil: Pukka $14.94
-Biotin Gummies: Nature Made $9.99 (Personal preference)
-Hair Treatment: Olaplex 3 around $40
-Shampoo: Head & Shoulders $4.49
-Conditioner: IGK “Hot Girls” $25
-Hair Oil: MoroccanOil $17.75

I am REALLY picky with the things I put on my hair, mainly because I have “this thing with hair” and I hate when it looks lifeless and damaged. I have dyed my hair ONCE in my life and that is because I am terrified of damaging my hair, so when it comes to hair care, I take things really seriously.

I have tried hundreds of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils/masks and so on, but THESE are the ones that I have been sticking to for the past year or so and THIS IS WHY:

-Castor Oil hair mask: I found out about this home remedy after spending a little too much time on YouTube researching: “How do I get my hair to grow ASAP?. Please, I’m desperate!!!”
Turns out, this is not a new trend at all and people have been doing it for a very long time, not only on the hair, but also on the eyebrows and eyelashes.
Does it work though? It’s too soon for me to tell, but I have noticed that my hair looks a lot shinier which is in itself a big plus. Also I have been applying it to my eyebrows before bed (whenever I actually remember). Not that I need any more bush on my eyebrows, but more as a prevention method of keeping my eyebrows full.

HOW TO APPLY: There are a few techniques on YouTube, but the one that works for me is applying a table spoon of Castor oil and mixing it with a table spoon of Jojoba oil (You can also mix it with Coconut oil or Almond Oil). I keep it in a small cup or container, heat it up in the microwave for about 20 seconds and start applying it to the roots of my hair. Once you finish applying it to your roots, massage the scalp for about 5 to 8 minutes, put on a shower cap -preferably- and turn on Netflix for a couple of hours while you wait!.
I would suggest you not to apply it to the ends of your hair, because the more you apply, the harder it will be to come off, so I ONLY focus on the roots.
After 2 hours, I get in the shower and wash it off. You can also sleep with this hair mask but I never do, as I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than sleeping with shower cap on, or even worse, getting my pillow cases full of oil.

-Botin Gummies: I got this advice from a friend and I have been trying it since April. I had previously bought Biotin supplements but I was ALWAYS forgetting to take them, until I got the Gummy version.
Biotin is basically a vitamin, B7 to be precise which allegedly helps with strengthening the hair and nails. I read in various forums that you have to give it time for Biotin to work, meaning you shouldn’t expect results as soon as you start taking them, but if you are consistent, you might see results after a few months.
I can’t say wether or not this is 100% working but my hair has indeed been growing a healthy amount for the past few months, so since this is a part of my hair routine, I thought it was important to add it to this post.

HOW TO: I take 2 gummies a day every morning. I think it really depends on the brand though, so make sure you always read the label before taking them.

-Olaplex no.3 Hair Treatment: My very talented hair stylist friend Kim Garduno gave me this tip, after dying my hair back in March and I’m really happy she did!. I have been doing Olaplex masks once every 2 weeks since then and my hair seems to love it. It is really hydrating and makes my hair feel super smooth for days after using it.

HOW TO: I get my hair damp, apply two dime sized drops in my hands and spread it evenly all over my hair -focusing on the ends-. I leave it on for an hour or two and rinse it once I get in the shower. Then I apply shampoo and conditioner as usual. I only use it once every two weeks, but you can definitely use it a lot more often than that.

-Head & Shoulders Shampoo: I started using this shampoo out of coincidence and I AM SO HAPPY I did!. I was in New York a few years ago when I realised I had forgotten my travel size shampoo in Amsterdam. I went to the closest pharmacy and the only small sized shampoos they had were Head & Shoulders. I was a bit skeptical because I knew these were for dandruff and I wasn’t sure if it was going to make my hair feel dry or shitty, but I yolo’ed it anyway.
What followed was one of the greatest discoveries of my hair life! :P, no but seriously, who knew that Head & Shoulders could make my hair feel so damn great?, Not me!.
I have been using it every since and I don’t think I will stop any time soon. There are a few scents nowadays but I always go for the mint or the Green apple, just because they smell SO GOOD!

HOW TO: You guys know how to apply shampoo right? haha, just kidding!. I heard from various sources that we shouldn’t be washing our hair every day, so I try to do it every second day.

IGK “Hot Girls” Conditioner: “Prenup”I was first introduced to IGK a little over a year ago while I was in NYC for the Kenzo for H&M show. I got to meet and get my hair cut by Aaron -one of the founders- and ever since then, I have been completely HOOKED with their products.
I use this conditioner religiously for a year now but I am starting to use their hair treatment as well.

HOW TO: Apply after shampoo and let it work its magic for a minute or two, then rinse.

-MoroccanOil: My holy grail of hair oils Ladies and Gentlemen! (are there any gentleman here by the way? Please shout if so! haha).

HOW TO: I apply a dime sized drop to my towel dried hair after the shower. I tend to add another drop once my hair is dry and styles.

Voila! Here are my tips on how I try to keep my hair as healthy as possible, however, if you have any other advice on products, I am ALWAYS ope for suggestions!


  1. Haha, I saw the link on Facebook telling “You’ll be surprised what my favourite shampoo is and why” and I immedietaly thought it MUST be Head&Shoulders, because it’s the best stuff ever you can get for just few euros :D I’ve been using H&S shampoo for many years, too. I recommend getting the Almond version, it’s my favorite!

    I also like Moroccan oil and use biotin, other tips are yet to be discovered how they’d work for my hair. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So funny you guessed!!! Yeah its AMAZING, I love the mint version but I will try the Almond one next! (If I can find it in Amsterdam).

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