THE COOLEST AFFORDABLE JEWELLERY BRANDS, YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RIGHT NOW!  |  Anna + Nina  |  Mimi et Toi  |   Maria Pascual  |   Maria Black  |  Dime que me quieres

I really love jewellery, but I am probably not the first or last girl to say this. Although I gotta admit that it’s only in recent years that I have become more interested. Not that I wasn’t before, but I owned a few pieces that I used to wear all the time and never used to change, now it’s a little different.

A lot of you have asked me through Instagram, about the pieces I have been wearing on the past few months, so I decided to make a post with the coolest and best of all, AFFORDABLE jewellery brands I have come across in the past few years. Not only these brands are great quality and great prices, but I have become really attached to some of their pieces and I am wearing them as we speak -and have been for months-.

Fashionology is a brand pretty close to my heart as it launched almost at the same time as StyleScrapbook back in the day and Rachel -the founder- and I have kept contact ever since. I have been wearing it for close to a decade and some of their pieces are staples and favourites in my jewellery box. Not to mention that the new collection looks incredible and I can’t wait to wear some of those pieces and make new memories with them.

Anna+Nina is an Amsterdam based brand and has a couple of stores in the city as well. Every time I am in the neighbourhood, I end up walking in the store and leaving with something new, wether its jewellery or interiors. I always put some emotional value in every jewellery piece I wear, just because it reminds me of a certain time, a person or a memory, for example; I have been wearing their Ace of hearts earring and necklace pendant for MONTHS and even though it might seem random, I wear it with a special meaning. My boyfriend’s name also starts with an A, so this necklace has a personal meaning to me. I started wearing it like a couple of months after we started dating and the two A’s and the hearts represents me and him. Might be silly but it’s just how my brain functions, I am a bit of a hopeless romantic.

Mimi et Toi is synonymous of statement rings, which is one of the main reasons why its one of my favourites. Mimi the founder is such a sweetheart and definitely has an eye for timeless and statement pieces. I have been wearing her rings for over a year now and they have become must haves for me.

Maria Pascual is a recent discovery of mine through instargam and I have been wearing few of their pieces ever since -like those pinkie rings I showed you above-. They have a ton of fun necklaces to layer so you should check their instagram account for inspiration on how to!

Maria Black: I found out about this Scandinavian brand about a year ago and I love their minimalistic approach and statement pieces. Its definitely the type of jewellery that you can wear on its own and look extra chic.

Dime que me quieres is one of my most recent discoveries and I am so happy that I found them! Specially because I have been obsessed with pinkie rings for the longest time but I swear, there is no pinkie ring that fits my tiny fingers until I found these!.


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