Shooting this editorial has probably been the hardest to get done ever since I started, but I am so happy with the result. There was a weather warning in the north of Holland, not dangerous to be outside but I have never felt such strong wind in my life. I was literally being pushed by the wind while attempting to hold a pose and most importantly, I was trying to keep my eyes open long enough to prevent 3 kilo of sand from getting in, without looking like I was taking a nap the whole time.

But enough with the weather breakdown, I am so happy we managed to get these shots, mainly because this is one of my favourite looks from the whole ERDEM x H&M collection. I tried the masculine approach, wearing the suit with only lace underwear underneath for a more feminine-meets-sexy touch.

The collection hits the stores on November 2nd and I am still eyeing a dress I couldn’t get my hands on during the event in Los Angeles last week. Hopefully I get lucky next week!

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