When it comes to investment pieces, I’d rather go for a bag or a pair of statement shoes, just because you will get a lot more wear out of those than if you spend a good amount of cash in a garment. These boots I found at Farfetch were perhaps in my top 3 favourite shoes for a very long time and the thing is, whenever I can imagine at least 20 looks with the same pair or shoes, I immediately know that I would be wearing those on repeat for months to come.

I think I have a very distinct way of styling my looks. I always try to balance them out so they are never “too girly”, never “too grunge” and the list goes on. The key for me is to use accessories to make this happen, for example; if I am wearing a dress that might come across as to girly or a bit Boho, I would add this pair of Givenchy boots to make it little more edgy and Rock n’ roll

I recently had to travel between Europe and the US quite a lot, and that’s part of the inspiration for this post. It’s hard to pack when you know you’re going to be in very different locations in a short period of time and need to pack only one suitcase! So I wanted to go back to basics and show you how monochrome can work really well in several locations and even between seasons if needed (I’m sure our friends in the southern hemisphere have to deal with that when they travel to Europe or the US).

The key for me was to find the right pair of boots that can work with several different looks, because shoes and boots take up so much packing space. These Givenchy’s are perfect, not only because they are simply amazing, but because they can work with smart as well as casual looks.

I wanted to have a variation of styles, from something as simple as a little white dress, to something a little more elaborate and layered like those Misbhv flare pants, styled with an oversized tee and a cropped sequin top. I also love playing with proportions and thats why I went for the super oversized high waisted trousers with a very tight and cropped Paco Rabanne tee, which was a statement piece on its own.



  1. Oh wow!! Clearly these boots are super versatile because each of your looks I would say has a different vibe yet these boots seem to match with everything. I love that they strike that balance between grunge and girly and are such a classic yet statement piece to have!


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