Well, I haven’t done one of these in a while and the truth is, I have been so consumed with work and life that I have neglected this space a little, which makes me sad, but it was absolutely needed.

I am trying to get my shit together and come back here more often like I used to. For now, I wanted to leave you with something that has been playing on repeat in my ears for days. I’ve always had this love/hate relationship with Bon Iver; on the one hand, I love some of their songs and they bring me amazing memories from specific moments and people in my life but on the other hand, I sometimes joke about how they just mumble things that don’t even rhyme, put some music over it and voila.

The truth is, I am developing strong music feelings towards their new album 22, A million. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I saw them perform live at Coachella a month ago and experiencing them live was just a completely different story than pressing play on Spotify. They have a slight new/different sound that gave me chills when I saw them perform live, chills, literally. So many feels on their lyrics and melody, so much emotion.

I have a few favourites, but I think you should experience their new album and fall in love with it yourself / or not, which is also ok -Bon Iver is not everyones cup of tea, believe me, I know-.

My on repeat today has been 715 – CRΣΣKS. I just cant stop.

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