Traveling to Iceland has always been a dream of mine, I planned countless trips but it was always hard to coordinate with all the traveling I was doing. I always dreamt of visiting it’s volcano’s, waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes and let’s not forget, it’s the country that inspired The Lord of the Rings, one of my favorite movies of all times.

I was recently invited to Glow Camp to celebrate a special occasion with Ole Henriksen, and while I would have been happy to spend time with Ole and his team anywhere, the fact that they asked if I would be interested in traveling with them to Iceland was almost overwhelming.

There are a few reasons that Ole wanted to arrange Glow Camp and his latest launch in Iceland. Firstly, his Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub includes volcanic sand from Iceland which makes the connection obvious! But past that, there are certain parts of life in Scandinavia and Nordic countries that really work with Ole’s philosophy on life and taking care of yourself. He referred to ‘Hygge’ several times during the trip which is a big part of life in some Nordic countries. Hygge doesn’t have a direct translation in English, but the best way of explaining it is ‘homely activities that bring us together’, and most of our time in Iceland was spent trying to have some Hygge moments together.

For Ole, skincare is what he has dedicated most of his life to, and if his own skin is anything to go by he knows what he’s talking about! Spending time in Iceland’s volcanic hot springs was not only an experience I will never forget, but one that also naturally improves skin and wellbeing which is a pretty nice added bonus, Being next to a secluded hot spring with the steam smoking off the surface, surrounded by snow covered landscapes is almost like living in a movie scene and I have to admit there was a moment where I had tears in my eyes, because I couldn’t believe how beautiful the landscape surrounding me was.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ole twice before, but for Glow Camp, I also got a one on one session with him to talk about my skin concerns and new skin routine.

I’ve always had combination skin, although my skin tends to get a little more dry in certain areas during the winter time and I still suffer from breakouts every now and then.

Ole and I went through my skin goals and wrote down a skin routine that mainly involves products from the “Balance” collection, from cleanser, toner and moisturizer, adding the Truth Serum into my routine as well as the Uplifting transformation Eye Cream from the Transform line. Congratulations on the launch of another amazing product Ole, and thank you for all the advice! I’m really looking forward to seeing the improvement in my skin!


  1. Jealous … Iceland is definitely on my travel list for the next. It’s just so cold there … (but you pics make me want to go)

  2. Woooa que experiencia tan increíble. Islandia esta en mi lista para visitar este año. Quiero probar estos productos. Siempre es bueno hacer interfaz en los productos de belleza.

    Besos Karla

  3. Iceland is so beautiful. You must have had unforgettable moment. I absolutely want to experience this. And I love all of your outfits. Your photos are also so beautiful
    Anh || ontrend

  4. Your photos from your trip to Iceland are beautiful! It’s so great that you finally had the opportunity to visit, and it sounds like you had an amazing experience overall. I can’t wait to hear an update on how those Ole Henriksen products work out for you. :D


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