I was always under the impression that buying a wig was a bit strange, unless it was for Halloween, yet I always had the temptation of trying them on. While I was in LA back in November, we were doing a shoot just outside a theatre and next to it the biggest and coolest wig store I have ever been to. I had some spare time to kill and I begged my friend to wait until I tried a couple of wigs just for fun. I was more into trying things that were the complete opposite to my hair, like blonde or ginger but one of the shop assistants brought one and asked me to try that on. I was a bit skeptical because it was also brown, so it wouldn’t be so much of a change but the moment I tried it on, everyone in the store said: “You need to buy that!!!” and the rest is history. I have only worn it a couple of times but I am seriously obsessed with it. Every time I wear it, it makes me feel like a completely different person, like an alter ego of some sort, my friends call it Mia :P.

32 thoughts on “SAME BUT DIFFERENT

  1. You look so good in it Andy! Before I read the post I thought you had cut your own hair, seriously! That must mean that it looks so natural on you!

  2. Me encanta, la verdad es que tener una peluca en el closet es buena idea.
    en ocasiones yo solo quiero regresar a mi pixie hair, pero amo mi cabello largo. No se creo es excelente opcion.
    Se te ve increible y el flequillo te va bien.

  3. Yo llevaría peluca sin dudarlo. Siempre pienso que en algún momento de mi vida llevaré peluca a diario y tendré por fin el pelo que quiero jajaja. Esta te queda genial, es muy natural, y parece tu pelo. Estás guapísima!! El look me gusta mucho, sencillo, casual y con mucho estilo. Un saludo!!

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