Currently in Paris and recovering from the most amazing party last night at the H&M Studio show during Paris Fashion Week. I had seen some previews of the collection before, but it was as I imagined, fresh, minimalistic and with an edge, just as I like it. As usual, H&M didn’t disappoint with a surprise guest appearance by The Weeknd* as soon as the show ended, -YES, THE STARBOY!!!-. I ran as close to the stage as possible to get the best shots (Check my instagram strories before they erase!) and danced with my friends until they literally turned the music off at the end of the party. What a night!!!

H&M had this amazing concept this season where you can buy the collection straight after the show, so all the items are available on the H&M website since last night!!! Go Go Go!!!

Oh Paris, its so good to be back!!!

42 thoughts on “H&M STUDIO SS17

  1. It’s such a great collection, I was really impressed. I’m usually not the biggest fan of studio collections but H&M’s is different and I like it much more than others out there.

  2. Hey Andy,

    The Weeknd must’ve put on quite a show!

    Also, I wanted to say I’m a great fan of the B&W look with the shorter skirt. The ruffles and the lace details of the blouse are really something.

    Enjoy the rest of the Paris Fashion Week! Sending love from Helsinki. xx


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