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It’s no surprise that jeans have been a fashion staple for decades, you can dress them up and down, they come in all fits and washes but most importantly, they pretty much look good on everyone. I truly have lost count of how many Levi’s jeans I own, but I feel like every pair is special and unique in its own way and that’s why I love making them a part of my looks so often.

It’s always difficult to describe a day in my life because even though I love my routines, my life is full of unexpected trips and experiences that make those routines a bit hard to stick to. Life in Amsterdam is also so much easier when you have versatile pieces you can wear when you’re cycling during the day, but needing to dress up a bit when meeting with friends for dinner or a drink. Wearing comfortable clothes is also key for me which is why I tend to live in my Levi’s.

When I am lucky enough to spend more than a couple of weeks at home, I love starting my day on the right foot with a workout, cycle back home, jump in the shower and style my look for the day. I very rarely throw on whatever I find in my closet, I carefully plan what I will wear because 1. I will most likely have photo’s taken for the blog and 2. I like looking and feeling stylish. On a normal day I would probably go for my Levi’s jeans, a fun top and colourful accessories to wear during the day to go for brunch or grab some coffee. Whenever I have a meeting, my look game plan is a little different so I like playing around with blazers and a good heel to dress up my 711’s. I have collected so many cool blazers throughout the years and I feel they add that “professional” touch.

If I have plans during the evening, like drinks with friends or a date night, I try to dress up a little more but this time I ditch the blazer, throw on a layered slip on top and a leather jacket. I love the distressed details of my 711 jeans so the contrast with the leather jacket make the look feel a bit more Rock n’ Roll to me which is exactly what I am trying to go for.


  1. Love the looks! My fav is the last look with black suede pumps/heels. Can you pls share who makes the shoes/who the brand is? Thank you!

  2. I love all your looks! I love Levi’s too. But those black amazing pumps!!! Where did you get them or who makes them?

    Thank you!

  3. The reason why I follow your blog is because of your casual, edgy style. I like how you can combime affordable items with really expensive ones. You rock!

  4. Soy muy fan de los outfit con jeans. Me encanta el estilo diferente que les has dado para cada ocasión. Me pasa igual que a ti, que pienso cuidadosamente lo que ponerme cuando salgo a la calle. También es cierto que a veces acierto y otras veces no jajaja. Me ha encantado este post, porque me resulta muy inspirador ver distintas versiones con el mismo pantalón. Un saludo muy grande! Gracias por el post!

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