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Never have I done an easier DIY than this one, but the moment I posted my new iPhone 7 on Instagram and Snapchat, I started getting questions regarding my case, so here it is. I am SUPER picky when it comes to which case I use for my phone, not in the way I should be because I guess I don’t really go for protection and I lean towards aesthetics a lot more. I remembered buying a pack of stickers while I was in LA last May, those which are “apply once and you cant ever take it off again” type of thing and I thought; What if I just buy a simple case and fill it with these stickers?

I didn’t end up filling it with stickers in the end because I felt like one was just enough, but then I went and bought an Anya Hindmarch sticker and made second case, just so I could swap every now and then.

There is no tutorial involved as the process is pretty straight forward, buy a basic case ( I got mine from the Apple store in Pink sand and White), get a sticker/s mine are from Skinnydip London and Anya Hindmarch and try to glue it as straight as possible. Remember that these stickers are a one application only so once you stick it on the case, you won’t be able to remove it!


11 thoughts on “D.I.Y IPHONE CASE

  1. This is so cool and easy! Now I just need an iPhone 7 hahaha. Just kidding. I saw this pic in Instagram and thought how cool is this case! You did really well, just with one sticker it’s enough. You’re mobile phone looks gorgeous!! Have a nice day!!

  2. This is a simple DIY that I’ve honestly been keen to try for so long… Especially because I own a Sony and there are very seldom cool covers available in stores for my phone! Also, I kinda love everything you do, I’m a big fan thanks to your insta and snapchat ☺ haha anyways, thanks! Veronica from Cape Town

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