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Never have I done an easier DIY than this one, but the moment I posted my new iPhone 7 on Instagram and Snapchat, I started getting questions regarding my case, so here it is. I am SUPER picky when it comes to which case I use for my phone, not in the way I should be because I guess I don’t really go for protection and I lean towards aesthetics a lot more. I remembered buying a pack of stickers while I was in LA last May, those which are “apply once and you cant ever take it off again” type of thing and I thought; What if I just buy a simple case and fill it with these stickers?

I didn’t end up filling it with stickers in the end because I felt like one was just enough, but then I went and bought an Anya Hindmarch sticker and made second case, just so I could swap every now and then.

There is no tutorial involved as the process is pretty straight forward, buy a basic case ( I got mine from the Apple store in Pink sand and White), get a sticker/s mine are from Skinnydip London and Anya Hindmarch and try to glue it as straight as possible. Remember that these stickers are a one application only so once you stick it on the case, you won’t be able to remove it!


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  1. This is so cool and easy! Now I just need an iPhone 7 hahaha. Just kidding. I saw this pic in Instagram and thought how cool is this case! You did really well, just with one sticker it’s enough. You’re mobile phone looks gorgeous!! Have a nice day!!

  2. This is a simple DIY that I’ve honestly been keen to try for so long… Especially because I own a Sony and there are very seldom cool covers available in stores for my phone! Also, I kinda love everything you do, I’m a big fan thanks to your insta and snapchat ☺ haha anyways, thanks! Veronica from Cape Town