AndyTorresLace2 AndyTorresLace6 AndyTorresLace AndyTorresLace4 AndyTorresLace5 AndyTorresLace3I’M WEARING  >>  Shorts: Levis  |  Shoes: ZARA  |  Top: Gestuz  |  Bag: Kenzo

As I write this, I am sitting at a brainstorming meeting with my team -Yes my team! We finally got an intern and I am so happy about it!-. We are in the middle of coming up with new concepts and strategies yet I am a little bit distracted. We are waiting for our new office to be available and as we wait for the keys, we are sitting at our favourite spot to work from. A cozy hotel lobby in the middle of the city has been our meeting point for the last couple of weeks, it’s perfect to come and work from here and it seems like mostly everyone sitting around us in on the same boat we are on -either office-less of tired of working from home-. I am looking though the window at the view of one the main canals in Amsterdam and its the first day since the Summer ended, when you can really feel the Autumn creeping up. There is just something so overwhelmingly emotional in the air right now, maybe its just that a lot is happening soon, so many good things are coming and I am trying to mentally prepare for them.


32 thoughts on “SUMMER’S OVER

  1. Que alegria de saber que ya tienes una interna, te va a ayudar full ya que yo igual tengo un blog y se lo estrenaste q es en hacer todo tu sola, ya quiero ver más.


  2. Andy, you look absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with that top. So cool to hear that Style Scrapbook is now evolving and great that you have your team too! Really excited for what’s to come from you. Have a good weekend! Xoxo

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

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