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One of my favourite things about coming New York during the scolding hot days, is having night walks on my favourite spots around the city. I like starting my days with a workout and having long walks in the evening are always a must for me, specially in a city as photogenic as NYC.

I was walking around Washington Square Park last night and the vibe was so good, it was one of those hot summer nights, musicians playing, people hanging out with friends, jumping in the fountain and having fun. I didn’t feel like going back to my hotel just yet so we started walking up University pl street for a few blocks until we hit Union Square and thats where I saw it. Big and bright, projected on the wall were scenes from the new season of American Horror Story. Always being secretly obsessed with horrors, thrillers and all things related, the series hooked me a few years ago and I always wait impatiently for a new season to come out…If you are walking around Manhattan tonight, keep an eye out for the projections, watch the scenes and try decipher what the new season might be about -I am still trying to figure it out-.


31 thoughts on “NIGHT WALKERS

  1. Qué bonita se ve la ciudad de noche. Me encantaría ir alguna vez, y si proyectan avances de series de televisión tan buenas, pues me cojo un vuelo ahora mismo. La blusa que llevas es preciosa, y encaja a la perfección con la ciudad. Un saludo enorme!!

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