AndyTorresLACMA2 AndyTorresLACMA4 AndyTorresLACMA AndyTorresLACMA3 AndyTorresLACMA5 AndyTorresLACMA6 AndyTorresLACMA7I’M WEARING  >>  Bomber Jacket: ZARA  |  Bag: Saint Laurent  |  Shoes: Senso  |  Pants: ZARA  |  Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo

I often reach a point where I get too caught up with one garment and I feel the urge to buy it in every color there is, which is stupid but I cant help it. I have been collecting bomber and varsity jackets for years, I have a little too many of them, but these satin ones that have been all over the high street recently were a little too delicious not to taste, so I got myself one of them -as you do-.

Sorry for the radio silence buy my boyfriend and I went on a holiday to Vietnam and I had little to no internet most of the time I was there, although it’s good to completely switch off sometimes right?


47 thoughts on “OVERLOAD

  1. i really like your photo the 2nd photo background is really good :)
    and the jacket’s colour also looks nice, but for the bag, i think the way you carry your bag is quite ackward, not really match with this jacket :(

  2. Ahh that backdrop in your photos is so great! I have always wanted to visit this because I have always just seen photos, but I cant even imagine how much better it looks in person that behind a lense. I thought your look was cool and casual. It came off very effortless with the embroidered bomber jacket. You look great and I hope you are really enjoying yourself!

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