Speaking of diaries, this is a long overdue video from my trip to Key West with Rebecca back in the Spring. I love making video diaries -you might remember the old videos I used to make back in 2009-2011?-, but I stopped due to a lack of time and to be honest, looking back at those cracks me up so much, the music and the scenes are so funny -and quite bad- hahaha.
I have been trying to get into it again and with the amount of traveling I have been doing lately, creating video content has been a priority, even though getting around to actually editing them is a different story.

I really love this video because even if we forgot to film half of the trip, we really captured some of the moments that made this trip so great, not to mention hilarious. I normally laugh a lot, my friends know that I will crack up with even the simplest of jokes, but this trip was beyond. I guess there are a lot of inside jokes and it would be a bit time consuming to explain them all on this post, but Rebecca and I found it fascinating and highly entertaining to get into the Walgreens (pharmacy) -preferably more than twice a day-, to buy goods we didn’t need, try ugly sunglasses we were for sure not going to buy and laugh away on the hallways making people around us very confused….This trip was such a blast and hopefully you get to see a glimpse of that on this video!

My trip to Vietnam is coming next so stay tuned!!!


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