Gucci-Ace Gucci-Ace4 Gucci-Ace2 Gucci-Ace3Gucci Ace Sneakers via Shoebaloo

Its no surprise that we have adopted the sneaker trend for years in a row. For once, climbing on to mile high uncomfortable heels (not to be confused with the mile high club) is no longer the only option to look chic and stylish -specially to a giant like myself-.

I really can’t remember the last time I wore heels, apart form Carolinas wedding in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago and I have to confess, I completely lost my touch of how to bare the “high heel pain”. I’ve become lazy in terms of styling footwear, just because there are way too many cool options out there that do not include a high heel in the equation. Sneakers have always been a key item for me, but sometimes I am afraid to make things “too sporty”, that was until I bumped into these Gucci Ace sneakers at Shoebaloo in Amsterdam the other day. I honestly think that Gucci has been on top of the “Killing it” list with their past few collections, not only with their Ready-To-Wear, but also their bags and shoes. It’s no surprise that I am obsessed with my new sneakers, which have given me -yet- another reason why I shouldn’t wear heels that often.


22 thoughts on “NEW KICKS ON THE BLOCK

  1. Wow! Me encantaron Andy, muy mexicanos, para festejar hoy 15 de septiembre, no crees?
    Viva Mexico!
    Felicidades, tu tambien me encantas,

  2. Agreed !! Couldn’t live without sneakers – especially because there is never no such thing as “sneaker pain”. Wouldn’t wanna miss high heels from time to time though – but still going for all kinds of sneaker <3 Gucci is killing it.

    x Gitta //

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