Moët Moment

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When I first moved to Amsterdam from Mexico, one of the things that first struck me about this city is how it is surrounded by canals, and how Dutch people have successfully turned that into one of the most fun social experiences. Amsterdam is so unique, there is no other city like it and I consider myself lucky to be a part of this.

I recently had the chance to collaborate with Moët & Chandon on their #MoetMoment campaign and the first thing that came to my mind, was to pack a few bottles of bubbly and take some of my friends on a boat trip around the city. Amsterdam Summer evenings are so incredibly magical and the city views from the water give you an entirely new perspective on how special this city actually is. I was hoping for a sunny and warm day, yet Amsterdam is always the one to surprise you when it comes to the weather. We left the dock at 6pm and started sailing the canals, picking up friends along the way, listening to good music and drinking a glass or two of Moët. The sun went away and the clouds creeped in, but we were in no mood to stop our little boating party.

There are many special things about this unique city, but being able to bond with friends on a late Summer evening, sitting on a boat and sipping on bubbly is definitely one of my favourite things to do…You can check out THIS link and get inspired to create your own #MoetMoment with your friends and #OpenTheNow, and don’t forget to follow on Instagram @moetchandon.


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  1. Love the photos, Andy! Your images continue to get better and better. This is a great example of perfect photography and sentimental content.

    1. Thank you so much!!! It really means a lot that you notice that since I always try to improve for you guys :) <3

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