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Toecap Mary Janes: Blue  |  Blush

I have gotten so many questions about these shoes since I posted them on instagram a few days ago…I have been obsessed with the Chanel slingbacks for the longest time but 1. Seems like everyone has them already and 2. They are gonna cost you a bit. I am the type of person that would rather invest on a pricey bag as opposed to shoes because I know I will wear a bag a lot more often. I was very close to caving into those Chanel’s until I found these pretty perfect alternatives at Topshop a few weeks back. I actually got them in two different colours, although the grey on black is tempting me at the moment…


38 thoughts on “THE TOECAP MARY JANES

  1. Hi there! Lovely blog :)

    Im thinking about buying these shoes… However i’d like to know, do they run small or true to size?


    IG: alice_codford

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