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I’M WEARING >>  Jacket: La Condesa Conde  |  Dress: Realisation Par

Ahhhh! The constant pursuit to find the perfect “Sergeant Pepper” jacket. I started collecting this style of jackets about 9 years ago. Whenever I was in London, Stockholm, New York and so on, I would try visit the best vintage stores in the hopes to find one of these, although they normally fit way too big, the sleeves are too wide, they smell like wet attic and the list goes on. I never imagined that I would get my “PERFECT” one, not only new but also customised just for me, so I take my hat off to Spanish brand La Condesa Conde for customising the most beautiful jackets. This one will be cherished by yours truly and quite possibly over worn until the point of no recognition.

Happy Monday!!!


48 thoughts on “SERGEANT PEPPER

  1. Qué chaqueta más original : ) Me encanta! Es perfecta para darle un toque inesperado a cualquier look ; ) Y me gusta muchísimo cómo la has combinado con el vestido rojo, estás guapísima : )

  2. Such a cutie! I like this look mainly because it is an unexpected combination between your dress and jacket. The polka dot ruffled dress is so cute and looks fab on you. Not only that, but that Utilitarian styled jacket is so strong and gives your dress a unique edge. You are right the jacket fits you so well! You definitely chose the perfect one, especially after all that time of looking. Loving it!

  3. Wow <3 I love that jacket – everything about it is perfect, all the details ^^
    A dreamy find – I am a huge fan of jackets like this :) very lucky ;)

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